Another very requested item for those living on the streets is wooly hats. we all know how a good hat warms up our whole body. we came up with a project that doesn’t only benefit the receivers of the hats but also causes some positive change for the people making them - the knitted hat project. we created a knitting pattern for a wooly hat and sent it to people all over the world. we had people aged from six to 90 knitting hats and sending them to us and our partners to hand out to those in need. the gratitude shown from people receiving the hats was outstanding, but what really surprised us was how thanked we were for giving people a reason to knit. during the lockdown, a lot of older people felt isolated and unable to contribute to society, but we were very happy to hear this project helped with this, by giving people a project to get involved in. it didn’t end when lockdown did though. knitting groups and knitters continue to get involved and we have received an unbelievable amount of hats that have been distributed all over.