• by Carlos Rodríguez
  • by Carlos Rodríguez
  • by Carlos Rodríguez

by Carlos Rodríguez

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by Carlos Rodríguez

Original artwork signed 
Edition 1 of 1
Paint on bus panel

PIECE NAME: Brotherhood



Please note, artwork is unframed


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Carlos Rodriguez was a self-taught artist whose work is motivated by curiosity and a spark of destiny. Rodriguez’s work mostly explores images of the male body, aiming to portray a side of masculinity that is emotionally complex, subtle and distinct. The artist’s paintings portray images of men that are concerned with traditional tropes of strength and valiance. Rodriguez cast and portrayal of these male characters are to explore their feelings and sexual desires in a way that is intimate and deeply personal. Rodriguez’s work is heavily inspired by classical art, pornography and naive art. Secondly, his next inspiration of work was brought to light by the Illusionist and Film-maker, George Melies (1861-1938) who had directed numerous space travel
movies featuring extra-terrestrial bodies personified by human actors. Stimulated by these influences, Rodriguez began to demonstrate these ideologies frequently in his own works using both Science and Magic to help bring to life his creative vision. His first solo exhibition Realms of Bliss, opened in 2018 in Guadalajara. Since then, the artist has gone on to exhibit in New York, Los Angeles and Paris.