This exhibition brings together innovative painters and illustrators all given the same brief: imbue your identity and ethos onto a salvaged piece of a London Double Decker Bus. The artists: Ha Haengeun, Pascal Möhlmann, Jessica Ng, Nicolas Holiber, Charlie Roberts, and Alexandra Levasseur are each exploring their visions of the world with their own unique techniques. This curation of international artists will bring their respective visual and metaphorical inspirations to the east of London. Per usual, the proceeds of the following auction will go towards creative projects in support of London's disadvantaged communities.   
The more art we share, the more good we can do for those around us. In this iteration of our exhibitions, we are bringing an exchange of visual culture, from places like Australia, South Korea, Switzerland, and Canada. The gallery space will examine life from 15 different experiences and 30 different eyes, investigating relationships, time, and what it means to be human. From desire and oppression to existence and absence, Korean artist, Ha Haengeun paints the dichotomies of humanity upon ageless characters. In opposition to this holistic perspective, Pascal Möhlmann depicts life in the exact moment of now; as a witness to change and trend, he documents the transience of culture through painting.
The works of art in this show will go directly toward supporting our current and future social projects. For example, F.C. HOPE is an ongoing project that gives disadvantaged boys and girls the structure and support of team sports through a youth football team. The auction proceeds will also go towards the work with our new partner Under One Sky, an initiative that distributes the necessary supplies to those living on the streets of London.