May News

We had another busy month. Besides our normal operations, this May we hosted a big auction, went to Greece, and participated in a football tournament.

Starting with the most exciting news; early in the month we went to visit the Skills Factory NGO on Samos, Greece. Samos is an island in the eastern Agean Sea just off the coast of Turkey that contains two controlled refugee camps. The Skills Factory was established two years ago as an out-of-camp center for the island’s asylum seekers looking to develop employable skills. The port-side building is a wonderfully wholesome escape from the prison-like conditions of the camp. Its departments include woodworking, metalworking, sewing, bike repair, cell phone repair, gardening, and art. The facilities, like the barbershop and cell phone repair give refugees essential (and subsidized) services and skills to make their transient time on Samos a little less harsh. During our time there, we built great relationships with people from Cameroon, Sudan, and Senegal; sharing food and stories as we worked on our individual projects. The reason for our visit was the same as for Kenya, to bring art materials, bus panels, and host a workshop with their art department. The art department was in the midst of their campaign to produce and sell lino prints as a way of covering the €100 asylum fee. So we slotted right in with their seasoned artists and first time-painters to produce bus panel paintings you will soon see featured on our auction site. This was another really inspiring trip abroad, expanding our view of the world and its many inequalities. We hope that this small project will shine light on this hidden facet of an unbalanced world and give financial support to those working to even the scales. Keep an out for more from the fantastic Skills Factory.

In other news we’ve recently wrapped up an auction for nine contemporary artists, each presenting an original work on a salvaged London bus panel. The artists in focus were: Peter Jeppson, Esther Ziher Ginczinger, Taher Jaoui, Erkut Terliksiz, William Quigley, Natalie Westbrook, Christina Allan, Bradley Theodore, and Eva Beresin. From pure satire to poetic speculations, we aimed to usher in the Spring with a handful of uniquely charismatic artists.

And lastly, some news regarding F.C. HOPE, our football team (the best football team). They competed in a three round tournament against Genisis FC late in the month, winning an astonishing majority of the matches. Both teams, FC HOPE Team 1 and Team 2 performed with the spirit of any world class club, of which we are immensely proud.

Thank you for all of your support!