F.C. Hope is a football team giving the opportunity for disadvantaged young adults to use football to express themselves. We started the team for young adults who have difficult living situations

    The benefits of these sessions range from exercise to benefiting from the family like structure that exists within a football club, both of which help to combat mental health. Team sport is a proven way to help young boys and girls stay on track when growing up with more difficult situations.


    Spedal is a courier service that helps get homeless people back on the employment ladder. 

    4BYSIX are paying for bicycles and the adequate training for the next two riders who begin their journey back in employment. We are excited to see how many homeless people we can collectively help get back into employment as this partnership grows.


    We join forces with pizza restaurants around London to deliver pizzas to different disadvantaged people. We started this during the pandemic’s first lockdown with Trap Dough Pizza, delivering pizzas to hostels and out on the streets every Tuesday and Thursday for 4 months. 

    Doorstep London has to be one of our favourite projects to work with. Based off the Finchley Road in London, they look after younger children with parents who are currently homeless. Whenever we have a Pizza Kitchen on the go they are the first people to be called.


    Our partnership with NHYC started back in 2017 when we did our Kickstarter project and donated 250 sleeping bags for young adults aged 16 to 25 who are sleeping rough.

    Since then our relationship has grown into much more than a donation. From art workshops to a football team, trips out for Christmas and pizza parties we continue to use our creative products to help those in need.


    This year we started our annual amateur art auction. The concept is simple; we get a group of artists in a third world country to paint bus panels and we get them collected. We then auction the pieces off and all of the proceeds go straight back into helping fund the projects they come from.

    The first auction was a group of young artists in Haiti and was a great success. 11 pieces were available and all sold. All the proceeds were given to Timoun Art School to pay for art supplies and meals during the workshops.


    Sleeping bags are single handedly the most requested thing out on the streets and is pretty much how 4BYSIX CIC got “kickstarted”.

    In 2017 we ran a Kickstarter campaign, requiring supporters to pledge money for an ethically made tracksuit, or t-shirt. For every pledge, we promised to make sleeping bags: three for every tracksuit sold and one for every t-shirt sold.

    We hit our target and ended up creating 500 sleeping bags that were donated over the following winter. Since then we continue to hand out sleeping bags in partnership with Under One Sky.


    Wearing a knitted hat is a great way of retaining body heat. We came up with a project that benefits the receivers of the hats with the idea of some positive change for the people making them. 

    We created a knitting pattern for a wooly hat and sent it to people all over the world. We have people aged from six to 90 years old knitting hats and sending them to us and our partners to hand out to people in need.

    Knitting groups and knitters continue to get involved and we have received an unbelievable amount of hats that have been distributed all over the UK.


    With the help of B4H and The Lions Foundation we have converted a bus into a permanent on site library for the children of Dormers Wells Infant School.

    Dormers Wells Infant school’s OFSTED reports were recently rated poor. One of the main areas the school had to improve on was reading. This bus is used as a place for pupils to improve their reading skills, giving them access to books and storytelling sessions.

    Pupils are encouraged to use the bus during break and lunch times as a fun place to sit and read with classmates. The upstairs of the bus is a digital area for pupils to conduct research online.


    In the UK temperatures can drop well below zero at night, we created a jumper back in 2018 with a packet across the chest. The garment arrived at its new owner with one of these blankets inside ready to hand out when you see somebody who might need one.

    We sold backup emergency blankets so you could refill the pocket! The blankets were very well received on the streets, so we decided to take it a little further. We have served 15 cities so far and this number continues to grow.