SUSTAINABILITY What is it to us? From our materials to our facilities, we use no more than we have to. We focus on reuse, taking advantage of materials that would otherwise go to waste. Our values however, don't stop at "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle," for us sustainability is a mindset that extends past our tangible actions.

All of the art from our exhibitions and auctions is made using 100% waste materials. We operate out of a carbon neutral facility in west London and host our website on a value-aligned platform (Shopify) to further reduce our footprint.

SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY Multiple  generations are currently joining forces in a critical attempt to raise public awareness around climate change. Despite this great work, the reality is that the negative effects of our changing climate are being felt by already disadvantaged  people right NOW as a result.

Our projects aim to provide security and resources for those groups most at risk such as London's homeless community,  children born into difficult circumstances that put them at risk, and those who suffer disproportionately due to their gender, race, sexual orientation or other.

Our newest canvas is manufactured from 100% waste plastic which would typically end up being land-fill or be incinerated.

The original 4BYSIX canvases were created from retired London buses, not only repurposing their aluminium panels for artists to paint...

...but sometimes using different parts from buses as the basis for artwork, such as this internal mirror painted by Ben Ashton.

We even used entire buses as canvases. This one painted by Slawn back in 2021.