ART WORKSHOPS have become a huge part of the 4BYSIX calendar, where artists like Richie Culver and Nathan Bowen give their time to teach art to, and inspire, young and vulnerable children.

FC.HOPE is a football team aimed at helping young men and women who find themselves in difficult living situations. Alongside the New Horizon Youth Centre we helped set up the team with kits, coaches, content creation, travel to-and-from matches, as well as hosting their AGM. Change is a team sport.

KNITTED HATS are one of our biggest success stories to date. We asked those more fortunate to spend some time and effort knitting a hat for the homeless community. All we supplied was a knitting pattern and the community did the rest, still sending us hats to this day.

AMATEUR ART Auction grew from a desire to shine a light on artists from developing countries. They create bespoke artwork, and then we auction it, giving the proceeds back to their community.

NEW HORIZON Youth Centre have been helping the young and vulnerable in London since 1967, an incredible charity who we have been lucky enough to collaborate with since our very first project back in 2017 (see SLEEPING BAGS). As well as our current venture with FC.HOPE we have worked on multiple collaborations over the past seven years.

UNDER ONE SKY has over 1500 volunteers serving over 500 homeless friends weekly. We help provide supplies to, and work with, their outreach teams to deliver even more provisions to the houseless communities of London.

PIZZA KITCHEN was our collaboration with  pizza restaurants around London, delivering pizzas to disadvantaged people across the city every Tuesdays and Thursdays during lockdown. What started out as a partnership with Trap Dough ended up with loads of others wanting a piece of the pizza pie.

SLEEPING BAGS are by far the most requested item by those sleeping rough, and in 2017 we gave out over 500 to those in need through Winter. We raised the money on Kickstarter, our first ever project, offering ethically-made t-shirts and tracksuits in return.

DORMERS WELLS School worked with us and B4H to convert a London bus into a reading and learning space for its students. The bus is now a permanent fixture at the school and gives the children a stimulating environment to read and learn.

"Alex and Milo are simply super nice to work with and deliver on their promises. They’ve provided us with countless essential items for our homeless friends such sleeping bags, hoodies and knitted hats. I love what 4BYSIX represents!"

- Mikkel Iversen - Founder, Under One Sky

"4BYSIX's support is transformative for FC Hope. Beyond sponsorship, their creative initiatives, from impactful events to essential supplies, embody genuine commitment. As FC Hope's manager, I'm deeply grateful for 4BYSIX's positive influence on our community."

- Simon Stevens - Manager, FC Hope

"Knitting hats for 4BYSIX brought purpose to my days. The joy of seeing my creations warm the homeless through their kindness made a world of difference. Grateful and fulfilled."

- Pamela Reeves, Avid knitter

Special thanks