About Us


4BYSIX C.I.C is a non-profit that commissions and sells unique artworks, furniture and clothing by world-renowned contemporary artists and designers. All sales directly support our mission to help homeless people using creative projects.

The work we create is always connected to the good cause we are supporting. We currently have a theme of buses, as we currently supporting Buses4Homeless along with running all sorts of outreach projects in and around London.

Using creativity for good is a limitless concept. We want to take this far beyond what we have, not only helping homeless people in London but curating art connected to all sorts of good causes around the world.

A London Bus

We are currently converting a London double-decker bus into a creative living space for homeless people in London with Buses4Homeless.

In the meantime, we are sponsoring a bus handing out meals to homeless people in London during the pandemic.

The bus we will convert will have 16 beds on the upper deck as well as a creative workshop and rehabilitation centre on the lower deck.

Haiti Art Workshops
Our next group is a special one. Love (@leonceloveart), the man in blue, mentors disadvantaged children in Haiti not only giving them the opportunity to paint, but also provides free meals during the workshops. We couldn’t be more keen to get involved, so some bus panels are on their way to Haiti! Their work is very special and we will be supporting them with the sales. Keep an eye out for when they return! Very exciting.
4BYSIX Pizza Kitchen

During the pandemic we teamed up with Trapdough Pizza, opening the first of our Pizza 4 Homeless pop-up kitchens offering takeaway pizza, coffee and some warm clothing for anybody who needs it. During the pandemic we delivered over 1000 pizzas to people in need.

Sleeping Bags

For every t-shirt or hoody we sell, we donate a sleeping bag to somebody who is living on the streets.

We ran a Kickstarter campaign selling 100 tracksuits and 250 t-shirts to fund 500 sleeping bags for homeless people in London.

New Horizon youth centre were keen to partner with us and took 200 sleeping bags directly from us. The remaining 300 were distributed by 4BYSIX throughout London's homeless community.

Knitted Hats

We created a knitting pattern for people all over the country to knit hats for homeless people. The response so far has been phenomenal. We have had over 2000 hats sent to us so far over the past two winters, knitted by people aged 9 to 96. This year we are partnering with Kings College London staff as part of their CSR program.

We handed these hats out all over the world, but the majority went to some of the 170,000 homeless people sleeping rough in London.

Emergency Blankets

We create emergency warmer blankets for homeless people in the UK. The blankets would come with our limited edition crewneck jumper in the front pocket for the wearer to hand out.

We also toured England on the coldest week of 2019 and handed out the blankets to anybody in need.

Warmer Packs
In 2018 we made a t-shirt which funded a warmer pack to be donated to a homeless person. The t-shirt was limited to 80 pieces and the warmer pack received great feedback from the homeless community in London.