Break in Emergency - Yuya Hashizume

In collaboration with Japanese artist Yuya Hashizume, 4BYSIX exhibitied and auctioned 11 original works by the artist in Notting Hill at 230 Portobello Rd, London. The solo exhibition ran from the 27th of October to the 1st of November, 2022.

Yuya Hashizume (b.1983) works with acrylic paints and silkscreen prints, capturing emotional silence through graphic portraiture. He masters the distillation of loneliness to a constant icon, a single tear under the left eye. With bold lines and fat colours, he manipulates the character around this tear, exploring the repression of sadness and what we hold near to us in moments of vulnerability.

The exhibition is comprised of paintings upon salvaged London bus panels. Four of those are large paintings in his signature “Eyewater” series. This permutation of the style sees his character holding model buses coloured by the panels themselves. Alongside his “Eyewater” paintings are a set of spinoff paintings, depicting the cats of British government agencies, each appointed to catch rats. The fve cats, Larry, Gladstone, Evie & Ossie, and Palmerston work at the Prime Minister’s offce, The Ministry of Finance, The Cabinet Offce, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs respectively.

As with the rest of 4BYSIX’s work, the proceeds of this exhibition will go towards the funding of projects aimed at bettering the lives of London’s homeless and disadvantaged youth.