March Madness

We have been busy throughout March with 4 separate auctions, essential supplies handouts, and bus panel improvements. Our most recent auction, featuring Fred Smith, Hime, David Rosado, Ryuji Kamiyama, and Huang Po-Hsun, was a great success. This month we started Break In Emergency Online; a series of auctions that will allow us to display a greater number of artists on our website. This will in turn allow us to more consistently fund social projects across London and creative projects across the world. Some of the other artists we’ve shown this month include Anmar Mirza, Ronald Jackson, Monika Karandi, and Laust Højgaard.

In March, we are proud to have started helping Coptic City Mission in their support of people sleeping rough in London with the donation of hoodies and warm clothing. Through the provision of food and fellowship, the Coptic City Mission combats the suffering of the homeless at a grassroots level. They are always looking for volunteers, so if you’ve got some time they would love to have you. In other news, our football team, F.C. Hope has been training every thursday and, with New Horizon Youth Centre, they went to see the Arsenal v. Everton match early in March.

Our signature bus panels have just gotten a bit better. Last week, we brought our stock of raw bus facades to a workshop where we chopped and trimmed for two days straight. For the forseeable future, our panels will have perfectly cut edges and squared corners with a slightly more polished look. As you may have noticed, some of our recent panels are no longer that iconic red. As we are travelling further and further from London to salvage these treasures, we have been chopping up private buses or buses from cities like Norwich, all with their own colorful flair.

Lastly, this week we will be going to Nairobi to meet up with the Wajukuu Arts Collective! Under our arms will be bus panels and painting supplies for a childrens art workshop. Keep your eyes peeled for the panels they paint as we will be auctioning them off in the near future. All of the proceeds from this auction will go right back towards their workshops and community activities in the Lunga-Lunga neighborhood of the Mukuru slum of Nairobi. Through art classes, the Wajukuu Art Project teaches children to cope with daily challenges such as pollution from nearby industry, crime, and insufficient economic opportunities. Of course, we will have much more to share in the coming weeks.