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  • Alexandra Levasseur

Alexandra Levasseur

'The Tent was under the Sun'

Original artwork

Edition 1 of 1

Paint on repurposed London bus panel

68 x 88cm

Through sculpture, painting and animation, Canadian artist Alexandra Levasseur makes testimony to the act of human creation, leaving her imprint in fired clay. Her work and process model an ideal relationship between human and nature while sculptures made of earthen materials reveal what is real and surreal in our environment. Levasseur offers an alternative to the anxieties of change, imagining serenity where there might otherwise be disjunction. Her mixed media paintings are peaceful and timeless interactions between elements of the human and elements of nature, giving places to harmonise with nature and embed in our environment. Inspired by mythology, physics, and biophilia, Alexandra sees nature as a tool for healing and creates art to explore freedom and as an emotional connection to landscape.