• Lot 02. Ben Cabral
  • Lot 02. Ben Cabral
  • Lot 02. Ben Cabral
  • Lot 02. Ben Cabral
  • Lot 02. Ben Cabral
  • Lot 02. Ben Cabral

Lot 02. Ben Cabral

Title: Self Portrait (At The Beach During Sunset)

Rarity: Unique

Size: 58.5 x 57 x 1.5cm

Materials: Acrylic with plastic beads and glue on aluminium aluminium

Medium: Sculpture

Name: Ben Cabral

Nationality: American

b. 1993

"I chose to get involved in the project because I believe in the mission of 4BYSIX, to use art as a way to help the community. Also, it's not everyday you get the opportunity to paint on a piece of an old bus, so that's pretty cool too!" - Benjamin Cabral

Benjamin Cabral is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist who primarily works with painting, but experiments with ceramics, animation, and performance. With a deeply personal and autobiographical approach, Cabral constructs narratives that explore the complexities of identity and memory. His practice consists of the meditative glueing of beads and acrylic paints, producing an autobiographical body of work that works its way from its digital inception to a crafty end.

He draws mainly from personal experiences, creating an honest depiction of the artist in a variety of social and wild contexts. Through his art, he analyses formative moments in his past and the traumatic experiences that fed his psyche. Benjamin Cabral's art is a testament to the power of storytelling and the transformative nature of art. With his meticulous craftsmanship, profound narratives, and ability to evoke emotional responses, Cabral invites us on a journey of self-discovery and connection, offering glimpses into his own life while fostering an empathetic understanding of the human condition. 

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