• Bernandi Desanda

Bernandi Desanda

Original artwork

Edition 1 of 1

Paint on repurposed London bus panel

50 × 85cm

Hand signed unique work


Indonesian artist Bernandi Desanda (b. 1996) is known for drawing, painting, and digital works. He is a crafter of nostalgia, expertly collaging characters and forms of our childhood. Even without familiarity of the exact references in his work, its components are reminiscent of a child's idolising doodles. His creations are a foundational study of what makes up contemporary culture; meddling with memes and cartoon icons, Desanda's works are statues to the influence of media.

Bernandi, as signed, now makes his creatures primarily with spray paint and acrylic, giving a rich texture and spectral air. The artist's utilisation of negative space draws further upon the ghastly nature of the composition's character. The panel he presents in this auction is quite literally "Ghastly," being a painting of an evolved version of the Pokemon.