• Cotoh Tsumi

Cotoh Tsumi

Original artwork signed 

Edition 1 of 1

Paint on repurposed London bus panel

90 x 56cm


Delivery will be calculated based on the winner's address. 

All profits from this sale will be used for our winter homeless projects across London.

Cotoh Tsumi is a Japanese born illustrator who professes to ‘only drawing girls and lovely people’. Tsumi subject matter is mostly music, apparel and fashion branding, Cotoh Tsumi is also the main artist behind the visual marketing/branding for Japanese music duo Yoasobi. Tsumi's first artwork was a 500 page Illustrated book titled Akaban (meaning ‘Red Record’) and is also the Japanese nickname given to the Beatle’s 1973 album The Beatles 1962-1966, perhaps a nod of approval from the Japanese artist to the British bands influence on her artwork. The Illustrations in the book itself highlight the immense versatility and skill of the artist’s ability to draw from a range of cartoon styled drawing to more realistic rendering of faces and skin tones.