• by Duncan Jago
  • by Duncan Jago
  • by Duncan Jago
  • by Duncan Jago

by Duncan Jago


By Duncan Jago

Original artwork signed 

Edition 1 of 1

Paint on bus panel

35 x 45 cm 

Mr. Jago has taken spray painting to a level of sophistication rarely seen in the medium; there is maturity and depth to his use of colour which he uses to describe the natural world and the cosmos, as he says, “a love of nature has been the biggest influence on my work, the forms and flows that exist within it seem to be appearing … more and more nowadays.”

These references to landscape imagery with less emphasis on gesture and brushstrokes, combined with a strong focus on colour and its emotional function, is strongly reminiscent of the mid-century Colour Field movement, pioneered by the Abstract Expressionist Mark Rothko. Mr Jago is also influenced by painters such as Jules Olitski, Dan Chistensen and Albert Stadler.

In March 2018 Mr. Jago partnered up with Aedas and Swire Properties in Hong Kong to celebrate street art by participating in a live painting event along with two other British artists. The murals were composed of smaller canvases that were sold individually to raise funds for the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation’s programme for disadvantaged and underprivileged youth. "Duncan Jago was an obvious artist choice for the HK art event in Tai Koo with Swire properties and Aedas Architects. Duncan’s energetic vibrant colours and compositions perfectly captured the dynamic DNA of this amazing city."  — Max Connop; Owner, Global Design Principal of Aedas.