• Eva Beresin

Eva Beresin

Oil on bus panel

Unique work

158 x 57 cm

Eva Beresin paints with the impatient style of a senile art teacher, yet you mustn't be fooled by a perceived lack of precision. Through the fog of colourful domestic spaces, she paints with razor sharp wit and intelligence. Beresin turns strangers and family members inside out juxtaposing the horror and humour of the mundane, often pointing the paint brush at herself with grotesquely scaled limbs.

Beneath the absurdity of her technique lies an astute ability to portray emotion. Her paintings explore the passage of time, its effects on the body and its effect on the mind. A decay of sense contradicts a decay of body; a laugh in the face of old age is Beresin's way of battling the tragedy of time. Eva's paintings are a snapshot of her mind's eye, part seductive, ridiculous, and off-putting; creating reflections of the human world both alien and relatable. Because of the colour and comedy the audience may be lured into a comforting sense of entertainment, like the last page of a newspaper in which the satirical cartoon reveals the world’s most provoking tragedy.