• Eva Beresin (4)
  • Eva Beresin (4)

Eva Beresin (4)

Original Artwork

Edition 1 of 1 

Oil paint on repurposed London bus panel

Hand-signed and dated

158 x 57 cm

Eva Beresin, born 1955, is a world-renowned Hungarian artist based in Vienna. Her personal style is defined by her distinctive take on the mundane daily occurrences of family and life. Ostensibly, Eva’s subjects appear comical, with distorted hands, feet and facial features; below the surface, her work contains a sense of the grotesque and lachrymose. For Eva, this dichotomy stems from a long period of finding herself unattractive; nonetheless, her hands, feet and skin served as highlights, which she says is now often the unconscious source spurring her artwork.

Beresin’s works have been extensively exhibited around the world: recent features include those at Galerie Nagel Draxler in Cologne, M+B in Los Angeles and Philipp Zollinger Galerie in Zurich. Without a shadow of a doubt, Eva’s most sobering exhibition was her 2015 monograph, My Mother's Diary: Ninety Eight Pages, an artistic implementation of her mother’s diary, as written after her liberation from Auschwitz.