• Francisco Tavoni
  • Francisco Tavoni

Francisco Tavoni

Original Artwork 

Edition 1 of 1

Paint on repurposed London bus panel

50 x 85cm

Venezuelan photographer Francisco Tavoni, now based in Australia, creates processed photography with saturated colours and an inviting ambiance. His process comes from years of practice with what was originally an accident. By experimenting with textiles and light, Tavoni is able to obscure the essential elements of what might otherwise be a passport portrait. The large scale works feature women submersed in warm lights inspired by the soil of Caracas and textured by the sun. His recent series, "Identidad," uses the blaring ambiguity of light reflections and focus to explore the clarity of certain mental states. Through productive practice and meditation, in this series the artist presents his visions of aesthetic clarity and what comes from a mind at peace. The work is also in reference to the social conditioning on our perception of identity. The blown out characters in his work lack the features that typically allow connotation to be ascribed to them from external opinions.
Tavoni’s work shows beautifully saturated gradients from pure internal states of being to external environments devoid of social pressures. This international photographer has exhibited on three continents, displaying his work in Venezuela, as well as in Paris, Lisbon, Mykonos and his current home of Australia.