• Javier Mayoral
  • Javier Mayoral

Javier Mayoral

by Javier Mayoral

Hand painting on reused London bus panel

50 x 32cm

Hand signed unique work

Paint on panel from disused London bus.

Javier Mayoral paints acrylic paintings and collages with sharp humour and colour. His witty and minimal scenes often depict a disjointed and meme-like scenario, captioned by simple phrases or descriptions. A woman drinking whiskey and smoking a joint says "fuck this shit." It is fun and to the point, glittering the internet with digestible works of art. The frequency at which he paints on small wood blocks has allowed him to amass nearly three-hundred thousand followers on Instagram, letting him to paint full time. His advertising background shines through the way in which Mayoral is able to scream an unclear point in one or two figures atop a undefined backdrop. Through deadpan humour, Mayoral reveals the standard machinations of the human mind, thought processes and scenarios that might have felt isolated before coming across his work. At the scale in which he paints, his formula is sure to hit on a relatable gesture reminding you that you aren't alone in this world. He has painted over 9000 original paintings in this format and sells his work in the form of posters, t-shirts, and original prints.

Framing: In order to ensure the most economical shipping and environmental cost, we send our art to the customer unframed. However, for the best presentation of the bus panels we suggest it is framed upon arrival. We advise that the piece floats in a the middle of a black frame without glass, hung at eye level. 

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