• Jon Burgerman (1)
  • Jon Burgerman (1)

Jon Burgerman (1)

Original artwork signed 

Edition 1 of 1

Paint on repurposed London bus panel

92 x 69cm



Nationality: British

Date of Birth: 42

Jon Burgerman is a contemporary British-born NYC based artist whose work evolves mostly around doodling. He is one of the most renowned doodle artists, credited for his innovative art style and take on ‘doodling’. Burgerman's art is extremely different compared to most contemporary doodle artists as his work swings between fine art, pop-culture and urban-culture. Born in 1979, Burgerman graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2001. He majored in fine artists with First Class Honours. His meticulous work as an artist brought him profound respect in contemporary art society/world. As a result, his career advanced immensely bringing his work to new heights. In addition, Burgerman has been involved in several leading international collaborations. Some of his most notable clients include Nike, Puma, Pepsi, New era and MTV. Moreover, he became part of a multitude of exhibitions and events around the globe including Madre Museum, Southbank centre and Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona. 

After the publication of his monograph, Burgerman realised that it was time for him to embark on the second phase of his career, in late 2010. He decided to sell all of his belongings and relocate to NYC in his hopes to help further progress his career in the art industry. His relocation wasn’t done on the basis of him going for comfort or a better lifestyle, it was merely due to his desire to help develop his artistic skills. Burgerman longed to create a body of work that was inclusive and allowed others to participate in, sharing creative empowerment.