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Kieran Leach

Original artwork 

Edition 1 of 1

Painting on repurposed London bus panel

80 x 63cm

Hand signed unique work

Kieron Leach (British) is a street artist in a different sense. His objects are a curated collection of anonymous sculpture, seemingly crafted by an engineer and plucked from the high street. They are junction boxes and meaningless machines, textured by their time hidden amongst their related mundane street objects. His sculpture is contextually post-vandalism, in which the art is in the observation rather than the creation. He is ostensibly a model maker, recreating the individual items apart from their greater systems; the items that poke their heads out of the sidewalk and inform us of a spiderweb of infrastructure beneath. Leach also works in figurative sculpture, drawing on subcultures from football to construction, highlighting the peculiar material outputs of each. Asides from sculpture Leach is also an excellent furniture and set constructor, all skills that feed back into his art. He has recently exhibited in London and Manchester and presents a piece made from a salvaged London bus in this auction.