Original artwork

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51 x 57cm


*Please note, artwork is unframed


LILKOOL, born 1985, is an American illustrator, born in Dallas and based in Brooklyn, NYC. Through his creative concept platform, LILKOOL Studios, he deals in design, multimedia and fashion. Growing up in the advent of the Internet age, LILKOOL’s urge for creative expression began as a form of personal protest against what he saw as the masses being brainwashed by pop culture. Going against the grain of a society that is increasingly homogenous and conforming, LILKOOL describes himself as in essence, a doodler, harking back to a simpler childhood nostalgia of cartoons and comic strips, whilst being influenced by classic painters.

That is not to say that LILKOOL’s work lacks preciseness: his go-to style of “flattened, visceral colours and clean black outlines” makes his work instantly recognisable and familiar. It often transcends the medium in which it is situated, ranging from murals and canvas objects to hand-made wooden panels and high-end designer garments.

For these reasons, he has had success collaborating on projects with Apple, Nike, Converse and Warby Parker, auctioned NFTs, and been exhibited at Flatcolour Gallery in Seattle.