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Makers Space


 Original artwork signed

Edition 1 of 1

Spray paint on repurposed London bus panel 

92 x 69 x 8 cm


Makers Space finds his inspiration in his pixels with strong colours, this results in simple but sophisticated works. Each tone mixes in a certain rhythm, combining prosaic and complicated forms. He illustrates the ordinary aspect of the world in an atypical way.

Makers Space's work started on social media where his "Pixelation" photo series featured people becoming pixelated - this shed light on a current issue, namely the overexposure of our lives, which we nevertheless wish to be private: by being pixelated.

He himself wishes to be hidden and pixelated as the identity or name is not important at all, just the work done and how it affects other humans.

Today, his pixelated vision of the world is exported to canvases and sculptures.

“stay pixelated”

Delivery will be calculated based on the winner's address. All profits from this sale will be used for our winter homeless projects across London.