• Rex Southwick

Rex Southwick

"N high road house Palm Springs"

Original Artwork

Edition 1 of 1

Oil on repurposed London bus panel

Hand-signed and dated 2022

69 x 91cm

 Rex Southwick's paintings toil with the exploration of interactions with domestic spaces in relation to ownership and aspiration, working from images sourced from building contractors and construction site visits. His highly saturated and confidently painted large scale paintings invite you to view these idealised domestic environments at an incomplete and less imposing state. The addition of labourers in his works introduces a narrative, exploring how we view and interact with environments and introducing notions of hierarchy and ownership. 

His work creates a bridge between the seemingly endless stream of idealised domestic environments found on digital platforms and the reality of these places. Paintings that remodel digital ostentation into physical images which remove concerns of ownership and status and present them in a physical form, interacting within the confines of pictorial space whilst exploiting the inherent qualities of paint.