• Slawn 2

Slawn 2

Original artwork signed 

Edition 1 of 1

Paint on repurposed London bus panel

93 x 87cm

Delivery will be calculated based on the winner's address. 

All profits from this sale will be used for our winter homeless projects across London.


Slawn is a Nigerian artist who has taken the world by storm. Within a year of him starting to produce his art last year during the COVID-19 pandemic he is definitely an artist to watch. From skateboarding and modelling for Supreme to co-signs from the creative director at Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh (Founder of OFF-WHITE) he has made an extremely prominent name for himself. His multifaceted skill set has separated him from most artists in the industry. Slawn describes himself as an artist like no other and hates the fact he gets comparisons even from the greats such as Keith Haring. 

Slawn isn’t phased at all by how others perceive his art. His work is very innovative and vibrant with the use of colours in which he incorporates faces, as a result of him being born in Lagos constantly seeing angry/hurt people. He used this drive and influence as a mechanism to push his artistic creations. He works mostly on canvas but has designed cars, panels and many more. He used art as a tool to keep him out of trouble and for his efforts to be focused on bringing to life positivity. In comparison, to most artists who take many years to fulfill and bring attention to their work he’s managed to exceed expectations and build something extremely promising for years to come only in a matter of months.