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Silvio Mildo


Original artwork

Edition 1 of 1

Paint on repurposed London bus panel

48 X 66CM


Please note, artwork is unframed

Silvio Mildo was born in Marseille in 1992. His parents are of Portuguese origin for his father, Armenian for his mother. From childhood, he developed a marked taste for art. However, it was self-taught that he became a painter at the age of 22. After discovering and exploring graffiti, he emancipated himself from it to embrace a studio practice nourished by various influences, from abstract expressionism to the COBRA movement, from Pierre Bonnard to Pierre Alechinsky and Robert Combas. "I'm not from any school," he says. I try to remain free in my approach to painting and not bend to any rules, while keeping in mind the work of my predecessors. 

Indeed, for the artist, creation is a matter of energy and movement. Silvio Mildo approaches painting with spontaneity, almost instinctively. Abstract, sometimes primitive, his works capture the outpouring of his thoughts, his memories, his emotions, and offer themselves as a logbook of his intimate life and his moods. "I am the very expression of my person when I paint," he explains. My canvas is the only place in the world where I have power and absolute freedom of my thoughts and my movements, where nothing comes between them.

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