• CY Wang (WANG Chien-Yang)
  • CY Wang (WANG Chien-Yang)
  • CY Wang (WANG Chien-Yang)

CY Wang (WANG Chien-Yang)

“The moon Represents My Heart”

Acrylic on repurposed London bus panel

Edition 1 of 1

Hand-signed and dated 2022


Born in Taiwan, now based in Hong Kong, artist CY Wang (WANG Chien-Yang) shows his art talent at very young age. From photography to installation and painting, each domain reveals his fascinating imagination and unique aesthetics.

As “MANGA” generation, his wide-ranging work always embodies an intersection of pop culture, history, and fine art. CY first came to light through Takashi Murakami GEISAI Taiwan in 2009, in which he was recognised with the Seiichi Kamei Personal Award, and then was awarded with golden price in subsequent GEISAI Taiwan 2010.

CY’s artworks have been invited for important art exhibitions in museums in Taiwan, Russia, China.

Meanwhile he also held solo and joint exhibitions in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Melbourne, Beijing, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korean and Singapore.

During the pandemic, his daughter was born. Family time with two children emerges a new series “Rainbow”,

two main characters as Haha and Hoho, they are originally from a Rainbow planet, finally land on earth, start to explore, to grow, to love and to share. CY starts a new storyline with these lovely cute “aliens”. This series brings a powerful visual impact to the audience. Vivid colorful rainbow shows bright energy which cheer people up, the scenario ambience are wonderfully simple but joyful, linking to people’s contemporary life, to their childhood and memories. Audience can always find familiar sensation yet a fresh inspiration. This new series has been collected world-widely.


About the work:

“The moon represents my heart”

Among CY Wang’s latest series “Rainbow”, all figures with rainbow eyes, basically there are two main characters, Haha and Hoho, a boy and a girl (reflection of CY’s two kids), they land on earth to learn and

enjoy life here, they are fascinated by cartoons and video games, sometimes they love to disguise themselves as their favorite cartoon roles.

“Rainbow” series are created during pandemic, CY feels love from his children and family, he attempts to convey the blessing to his paintings, through the brightest rainbow and stars, we can perceive love and hope, how amazing lovely life we can have.

This work is painted on a metal board from an abandoned bus. From the painting, we see “Rainbow Haha” standing in a rainbow fountain, holding a full-moon. A full-moon means completion and perfection, any dream can come true. Upon her head, a house, a car, a tree and a bus, these objects are symbols of our daily life. Therefore, she brings hope and best wishes to life. This painting sends a message that love and joy are essential elements in life. The strong impression truly infects our soul.