• Willem Hoeffnagel
  • Willem Hoeffnagel
  • Willem Hoeffnagel

Willem Hoeffnagel

'London bus driver' 

Original Artwork

Edition 1 of 1 

Spray paint on repurposed London bus panel

Hand-signed and dated

92 x 56cm

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Willem Hoeffnagel, born 1995, is a Dutch painter best recognised for his pieces which feature faceless, reclusive characters. The figures, which are instantly recognisable, yet lack a clear identity, allow them to serve as placeholders that portray a scene or small part of a story. Without placing the emphasis on who it is meant to be, it allows the viewer to retrace the steps of his creative process and root out the underlying sentiments.

Exhibitions of Hoeffnagel’s include the ArtLife Gallery in Miami, Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles, and Padre Gallery in New York. Following his recent show in New York, he has collaborated with Pop!nk and League OTO to adapt one of his paintings into a limited edition of fifty screenprints.