• Lot 09. Chishi Morimura

Lot 09. Chishi Morimura

Title: Untitled, 2023

Rarity: Unique

Size: 43 x 68.9 cm

Materials: Acrylic on aluminium panel

Medium: Painting

Name: Chishi Morimura

Nationality: Japanese

Chishi is known for painting acrylic and shell powder on a drift wood since 2009.

Solo Exhibition
2010  Forest mini, Ginza, Japan(2011, 2013)
2013  Forest, Ginza, Japan(2014, 2016)
2014   Art Complex Center Tokyo , Tokyo, Japan(2016, 2017)
2020   Art Space Kin Gyo Koo kan, Taipei, Taiwan
2021 [ aimai ], Corey Helford Gallery, LA, U.S.A
2022 Dorothy Circus Gallery, London, U.K
Nibiiro, TomuraLee, Ginza, Japan

Selected Group Exhibition
2012   [Korea & Japan pop art EX],Cafe CCC, Busan, Korea
    Art Complex Center Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (~2017)
2014   Palette Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2015)
2015  [The farm of Art] Isetan, Japan (2017)
2016  [Gaint Mango Selection vol.2], Wrong Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
[Formosa Art Show],  Art Space Kin Gyo Koo kan, Taipei, Taiwan
[ART KAOHSIUNG],  Art Space Kin Gyo Koo kan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2017 [Art Fair Tokyo], Gallery Tomura, Tokyo, Japan (2018, 2019)
[Future], Garelie Nicido, Ginza, Japan
[Next Generation], Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2018  [2 person show], Art Space Kin Gyo Koo kan, Taipei, Taiwan(2019, 2021,2022, 2023)
[Self-portrait] Gallery ARK, Yokohanma, Japan (2019)
[Macau Hotel Ar tFair], win Art Award, Hwas gallery, Macau, China
[KIAF], Gallery Tomura, Seoul, Korea(2023)
[Art Taipei], Art Space Kin Gyo Koo Kan, Taipei, Taiwan(2019)
[Workshop], Special booth, Daegu Art Fair, Daegu, Korea
[ART COLLECTOR STARTER KIT], Corey Helford Gallery, LA, U.S.A(2019, 2020, 2022)
2019  [LUCKY 13 ANNIVERSARY], Corey Helford Gallery, LA, U.S.A
[Hello Kitty’s 45th Anniversary], Corey Helford Gallery, LA, U.S.A
[ART 021 SHANGHAI], Hwas Gallery, Shanghai, China
2020  [The House of the Rising Light], Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy/London, UK
2021  [Art Roastery], Louisa Coffee, Taipei, Taiwan
[THE LITTLE PRINCE 75th Anniversary], Corey Helford Gallery, LA, U.S.A
[Fantasy Art Show], Art  Space Kin Gyo Koo Kan, Taipei, Taiwan(2022, 2023)
2022 [One Art Taipei],  Art  Space Kin Gyo Koo Kan, Taipei, Taiwan(2023)
[Art Taipei], Dorothy Circus Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2019. 3  [Febri RECOMMEND], Fabri Magazine
2020. 5  [Next Creaters], NTV
2020. 9  [Next Creaters], NTV
2021. 7 [Burari Tabi ], NTV

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