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  • Christoph Rymon

Christoph Rymon

Artist: Christoph Rymon

Size: 65 x 37cm

Rarity: Unique

Method: Acrylic paint on repurposed London bus panel

Material: Aluminium

Born and raised in the gray Berlin neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg in the 1980s, Christoph Rymon's life underwent a 360° transformation in the 1990s following the fall of the Berlin Wall. In the midst of the newfound explosion of colors and aromas, Rymon enthusiastically embraced the burgeoning world of Western consumerism, becoming captivated by the prevailing icons of the era. His artistic work encapsulates fragments of his childhood memories, preserving the aspirations and yearnings of his youth. Within this vibrant universe, viewers are invited to engage, revel, and immerse themselves in a realm of perfect and vivid hues.

"I envision myself as a character within the realms of Tintin, The Wizard of Oz, or Back to the Future; a seeker of forgotten treasures and islands, or a racer across the stars to explore uncharted galaxies with my companions," remarks Rymon. "This is why my characters emanate from an alternate imaginary cosmos, where vibrancy reigns and contentment is attainable for all."

Following studies in audio engineering, Christoph Rymon spent numerous years as a musician and producer, amassing over 10 million streams on Spotify and gracing the stages of diverse festivals across the globe. However, disillusioned by the limitations within the music domain, he discovered a medium for conveying distinct and unconventional narratives to art enthusiasts through painting—free from the need to cater to a mass audience.

The imprint of music on his canvases is profound. Musical refrains, echoes, and song lyrics intermingle with a unique realm of imagination, merging his adoration for art with his fervor for music.

The idiosyncratic and chromatic universe brought forth by Christoph Rymon (Berlin, 1983) unveils the contours of contemporary consumer society, interweaving icons and recollections from his formative years characterized by the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the reverberations of Western culture on his existence, family, and surroundings.

Framing: We recommend displaying a bus panel floating in a frame.

Postage and Packaging: 

UK: £75.00
Worldwide: £150.00

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