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Makiko Tanaka

Title: Untitled

Rarity: Unique

Artist: Makiko Tanaka

Size: 724 x 545 mm

Method: Paint on repurposed London bus panel

Bio:  Makiko Tanaka, born in Tokyo in 1975, embarked on a transformative journey to France in 2013 through an overseas study program offered by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. She now resides in Cachan, France, where she channels her artistic talents.

Tanaka's primary mediums of expression include oil paintings and watercolors, with her creative narratives often unfolding against the backdrops of both France and Japan. In addition to her visual artistry, she is a versatile artist, crafting illustrations and short animations. Notably, she has collaborated with esteemed companies such as Shiseido, Pierre Hermé Paris, and Tasaki.

Her artistic prowess has been showcased in major exhibitions, including:

  • 2023: "Hawaï Noire" at Morioka Shoten in Tokyo
  • 2022: "Black Hawaii / Hawaï Noire" at Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery in Tokyo
  • 2021: "Souffle d'or H.P.F" at Christopher in New York
  • 2019: "Des Villes, Des Jeux" (a joint exhibition with Oscar Oiwa and Camille Fontaine) at The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris
  • 2018: "Domani: the Art of Tomorrow" and "memories of 'passagers'" at the National Art Center in Tokyo
  • 2018: "Musubi" at Gallery Da-End in Paris

Her work can be found in public collections such as the Takahashi Collection, Wellington Management Company, and ZEITO-FOTO Salon.

Beyond her exhibitions, Makiko Tanaka has engaged in various artistic endeavors, including:

  • 2023: Creating main visuals for Hikari Mitsushima's "Voice Mitsushima" on NHK Radio
  • 2022: Designing neon tubes for Fuji TV's "The House" music program
  • 2016-2022: Contributing to the "Gastronomy Imaginary" series (animations and columns) for Shiseido's Hanatsubaki website
  • 2019: Crafting animation for Kitri's "Ameagari [After the Rain]" on NHK's "Minna no Uta [Songs for Everyone]"

In the realm of literature, Makiko Tanaka has authored several books, including "La Collection Gastronomique" in 2016, "Vu Vu" in 2018, and "Black Hawaii" in 2022.

Framing: We recommend displaying a bus panel floating in a frame.

Postage and Packaging: 

UK: £75.00
Worldwide: £150.00

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