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Emanuele Tozzoli

Title: Mini Death

Rarity: Unique

Materials: Acrylic and spray paint on repurposed aluminium

Medium: Painting

Size: 67.5 x 43cm

Weight: 0.9KG

Name: Emanuele Tozzoli

Nationality: Italian

b. 1989

Emanuele Tozzoli is a contemporary Italian artist calling on a deep repertoire of mediums to relate his inner being to the current external state. After pursuing music, Tozzoli now uses painting as his primary method of expression. Tozzoli discovered the capabilities of art through his father, an artist who has been experimenting with various mediums for over 40 years. This means Emanuele has been enriched in the arts, in both its appreciation and its practice, since he was a young boy. His process is a result of the artist’s inherent connection to life; his work is his life and his life is his work.

In this path painting becomes more than a simple product, it is the fruit of an individual's tree. A fruit that embodies knowledge and summarises experiences gained in the pursuit of fulfilment. When modified by ambition, each painting is the materialisation of a lavish dreamlike inner monologue. Each are produced in an intuitive manner, informed by his time as a decorator and restorer of wall paintings with the Turin art master Silvio Scarafiotti. The stylistic symbols in Tozzoli’s work hold homage to the first works made in play between him and his father.