• Lot 01. Olasunkanmi Akomolehin
  • Lot 01. Olasunkanmi Akomolehin
  • Lot 01. Olasunkanmi Akomolehin
  • Lot 01. Olasunkanmi Akomolehin
  • Lot 01. Olasunkanmi Akomolehin

Lot 01. Olasunkanmi Akomolehin

Title: A Boy and His Best Friend, 2024

Rarity: Unique

Size: 60 x 40 cm

Materials: Oil and acrylic on plastic panel

Medium: Painting

Name: Olasunkanmi Akomolehin

Nationality: Nigerian

b. 1994

Olasunkanmi is a visionary artist whose work transcends boundaries, capturing the essence of everyday life and universal emotions. With a profound exploration of themes such as love, loss, joy, resilience, and the complexities of mental health, Olasunkanmi's art resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of human experience, Olasunkanmi embarked on a captivating journey to immortalise nostalgic images of family members and loved ones in their youth. These vintage photographs serve as the foundation of his artistic expression, celebrating the diverse beauty, lifestyles, and heritage of Africa.

Utilising oil and acrylic paints as his primary mediums, Olasunkanmi expresses his thoughts and emotions with clarity and depth. Each brushstroke reflects the depth of emotions and the complexity of existence, forging a strong connection between his inner world and the art he creates.

Through collaborations with esteemed brands and participation in notable exhibitions worldwide, including The Crucible Art Collective in New York, Icandrawafrican, and the Affinity Gallery group exhibition in Nigeria, Olasunkanmi's remarkable talents have garnered widespread acclaim.

His work has been showcased at renowned venues such as the Black Wall Street Gallery in New York, the Lorin Gallery in Los Angeles, and the Dorothy Circus group exhibition in Rome, Italy, Kornfeld Galerie, among others. Olasunkanmi's art invites viewers to pause and contemplate, finding solace in the shared experience of humanity, and fostering a renewed appreciation for the beauty inherent in everyday life.