• Lot 24. Makers Space
  • Lot 24. Makers Space
  • Lot 24. Makers Space
  • Lot 24. Makers Space

Lot 24. Makers Space

Title: Pixel-20, 2024

Rarity: Unique

Size: 55.8 x 42.8 cm

Materials: Acrylic on plastic panel

Medium: Sculpture

Name: Makers Space

Nationality: Unknown

b. Unknown

A Japan-based artist of unknown gender, age, and nationality. Makers space is self-taught, and has established the current pixel style after a long search for this style.

With the message “Stay Pixelated,” makers space transforms all the information in the world - people, landscapes, atmospheric currents, and people’ s intentions and emotions - into “pixels” and reconstruct a new world. With the unique sense of colour, makers space build up each pixel and construct their worldview on canvas or sculpture.

In a pixelated world, all information becomes ambiguous. It may be a specific person or a scene, or it may be just nothing at all. It may seem as if it were a hazy memory from childhood or a commonplace emotion. It is as if it were expressing the essence of concrete existence and the concept of will.

When we face the artwork, we will imagine the diverse possibilities that lie beyond the pixels.

USQKE on makers space.

Collaborations: The art style of “makers space” is flexible enough to allow for diverse expressions. Even if the works have different symbolic elements or themes, new works are created while maintaining their respective worldviews. Makers space has collaborated with numerous artists, all of whom have been highly acclaimed. This is clear evidence of the versatility of this art style.