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Mark Stopforth

Title: Storm Line

Rarity: Unique

Artist: Mark Stopforth

Size: 342 x 560mm

Method: Paint on repurposed London bus panel

Bio: Mark Stopforth is a British painter known for his remarkable ability to convey the lyricism and sensitivity of the British landscape. His work beautifully captures the majesty and drama of untamed British scenery while paying homage to the sublime tradition.

For the past two decades, Stopforth has dedicated his artistic endeavors to depicting the wild and untamed vistas found in the moors, fens, fells, and estuaries of Britain. His deep connection to these landscapes traces back to his childhood in the Fens of East Anglia, and these impressions continue to inform his work. Recently, his focus has shifted to the expansive and immersive spaces of moorlands and river estuaries, which he skillfully brings to life using charcoal, pencil, and oil.

Stopforth draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Cy Twombly's calligraphic paintings, Hasegawa Tohaku's tonal ink paintings, and the landscapes created by masters like Constable, Claude, Cotman, and Turner.

His artistic journey has taken him to various exhibitions across the country, with notable showings at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) in Bristol. In addition to his achievements in painting, Stopforth is also a published poet, having been shortlisted for the Brit Writers' Award in 2012 and winning Fleeting Magazine's International Best Short Writing prize in 2010. However, he has currently set aside his writing pursuits to fully immerse himself in the world of landscape painting.

Framing: We recommend displaying a bus panel floating in a frame.

Postage and Packaging: 

UK: £75.00
Worldwide: £150.00

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