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Niall Campbell Strachan

Title: A Light For Attracting Attention

Artist: Niall Campbell Strachan

Rarity: Unique

Method: Acrylic paint, spray paint and oil stick on repurposed London bus panel

Material: Aluminium

Size: 72 x 53cm

Weight: 1.25KG

Nationality: Scottish

"I very much let the panels dictate how the work would emerge. On one panel the eye of a bird / beast lines up with a hole in the metal, on others existing lettering, shapes and colours become a part of the work. I use a spatula in conjunction with paint brushes to give a real thick, loose sculptural edge to the works. As well as being a fantastic initiative to actually make a difference to people's lives, 4BYSIX also afford artists the opportunity to work on bus panels which is an existing challenge and is a great way to recycle decommissioned London buses."- Niall Campbell Strachan

Niall Campbell Strachan (b.1986) is a Scottish visual artist that paints imagined beings with intuitive brush strokes, summoning playful creatures from his subconscious for the audience to make sense of. The facial expressions of his unnameable animals, while simple, portray the animals as complex, emotional beings, stumbling through a world much like their human counterparts.

In these painterly gestures, Strachan manages to create dreamy characters with subtle narratives, interacting with others inside and outside of the frame. Niall makes with cardboard, spray paint, acrylics, and wood, harnessing the naivety of a boy's adventurous wonder to include the audience in the fantasy. Niall Strachan has exhibited in Shanghai, Madrid, and Paris with group shows in Miami and Brussels. Following a sold out art fair in Madrid and the US, Niall's tribally ornate abstraction has made him one of 2022's most sought after artists.

Framing: We recommend displaying a bus panel floating in a frame (frame not included)

Post and Packaging: 

UK: £75.00
Worldwide: £150.00

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