Nicolas Holiber

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Unique work on repurposed London bus panel

While both are present, Nicolas Holiber exists between sculpture and painting. His work shifts and undulates as the audience perceives it and through this experience Holiber wants to reveal a tenant of vision known almost only by artists. In the art of seeing, things aren't set, as one spends time with a painting or an object it is allowed to change over time. As with Holiber's sculpted pictures, obviously perspective alters the image, but so does ones individual relationship to the work. In this way he has metaphorically freed an unmoving, static 'thing' from the permanence of imagery, hopefully eliciting a new perspective upon the audience even after they've left the gallery. Holiber's process has been experimented with and refined: he starts with a blank canvas and then draws and sculpts on it with a thick acrylic material. When dry, he begins to paint over the acrylic with oil paints; adding colour and texture, pushing and pulling depth, and finally unifying the overarching feel of the work. With his paintings, Holiber wants to emphasize the process of their creation by bringing the viewer into the evident fluidity of each piece.