• Lot 33. Oriele Steiner
  • Lot 33. Oriele Steiner
  • Lot 33. Oriele Steiner
  • Lot 33. Oriele Steiner

Lot 33. Oriele Steiner

Title: Show Me the Way to Go Home, 2023

Rarity: Unique

Size: 57.2 x 39.7 cm

Materials: Acrylic and oil on aluminium panel

Medium: Painting

Name: Oriele Steiner

Nationality: British

b. 1993

Oriele Steiner’s work explores a wide array of painting techniques and processes, using colour and light as the dominant means of experimentation. She is interested in a palette’s ability to evoke emotion, whether through it’s direct, singular use or via juxtaposition and dissonance. Her paintings are deliberately layered with conflicting emotions - she wishes to place whimsical moments on stage for the world to see, like single frames taken from a comic strip; whilst her compositions imply they exist as part of a larger story, the task us with considering a particular moment. The compositions are derived from Steiner’s very ‘British’ sense of humour - simultaneously comical and dark; surreal yet totally, relatedly human. Fears and taboos leap out of the work, imagery and motifs from personal moments transform themselves in the viewer’s mind, Oriele asking us to judge whether the privacy of these moments is intimate or gross - perhaps a more traditional British comedian would quip “what’s the difference?”.