• Tiger
  • Tiger


Original artwork

Edition 1 of 1

Paint on repurposed London bus panel 

30 x 52cm

 Tiger (Junior Collective member)

Tiger, a junior collective member, paints the serene moments of his waterfront reflection; the details from his environment that give his life pause. On one occasion, he gave me a tour of the settlement and his recent works. As we passed by the rubbish crowded banks of the river, he pointed out a specific tree under which he used to call home. Exposed roots made for a hidden shelter just big enough to lie in. He pointed out the eddys created by a certain shoal in the river, and the low sun illuminating his tree through the rippled reflection. It is this moment that is effortlessly painted in Tiger's panel.



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UK: £20.00

Europe: £30.00

Worldwide: £50.00

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